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    My story In 2016, I experienced fatigue and strain in my wrist and later found out that I had carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This is a medical condition where there is pressure on a nerve in your wrist. It cause numbness and pain in your hand and fingers however with the right treatment, it can eventually heal. It got me thinking about common ergonomic symptoms generated in different environments such as the workplace or home. One day I was in a café using a laptop stand to position my MacBook and 5 people approached me to ask about the stand. After that experience an idea sparked and what became a passion project quickly turned into a business. Utilizing my experience gained as a junior reporter for local magazines and agencies across the North West, UK. I completed a course in Ergonomics in Buxton and started working on reviews. Mistermiddleman was born out of an opportunity to educate people about the benefits of ergonomic design through reviews across different types of media. The key objective of Mistermiddleman reviews is to reassure potential customers of ergonomic products. To educate customers by raising their awareness, interest, consideration and ultimately conversion. Mistermiddleman helps sellers of ergonomic products better connect and understand their customers. My reviews are written from real life experience as an ergonomic user and I hope my shared experience will help others who are suffering from ergonomic symptoms.

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