Where could you get the laptop stand?

Date 01/07/2017 Reviewer Jason Pierre @ Mistermiddleman Product Review Ergo-Q 330 and Flex Top 270 Company / Manufacturer Bakker Elkhuizen Key Features  / Product Specification Ergo-Q 330 has five adjustable height angles.  The FlexTop 270 has seven. Retail Price Ergo-Q 330 £74.95 and Flex Top £84.95 Retail Channel https://www.ergonomics.co.uk/BE-ERGOQ3 (Ergo-Q 330) & https://www.ergonomics.co.uk/BE-ERGOQ3 (Flex Top270)   I spent eight years using a Bakker Elkhuizen laptop stand, and people asked me where do I get them.  Firstly, I would explain how bad posture causes migraines.  Mistermiddleman will give you two reasons both stands could reduce headaches, and where you could buy them.   [su_heading size=”16″]Are they easy to use?[/su_heading]   Ergo-Q 330 has five adjustable height angles.  The FlexTop 270 has seven.  The corners are to accommodate different users.  Each user has a different height and desk setup. Ergo-Q 330’s screen height angles start from eleven centimetres to nineteen centimetres. FlexTop 270’s screen height setting begins from the lowest nine centimetres to sixteen centimetres.   Ergo-Q 330 is portable and has a swivelling pivot.  It is also built out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic.  FlexTop 270 is stable and sturdy.  It composes of hylite, an ultralight aluminium composite.   Ergo-Q 330’s integrated document holder opens upwards like a book.  Ergo-Q 330 pivots to its adjustable height angles.  FlexTop 270 has a record holder that pulls down at the front.  Its rubber feet support it too. I securely attached my MacBook Pro to both FlexTop 270 and Ergo-Q 330.  A strip of 3MDual Lockpads does the job.  Find the demonstration video on the Bakker Elkhuizen web pages dedicated to these stands. Do they reduce migraines then? Both the Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270 I tested support my 13 inches MacBook Pro.  Cu Ergo Cornell University Ergonomics Web (2015) studied user experience.  It states laptop stands such as the Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270 should raise my MacBook Pro.  My eye level should be 3.5 inches above the top of the screen casing. Bakker Elkhuizen claims its Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270 are suitable for office employees.  I work in an office and use notebook holders regularly.  My employer is obliged to prevent physical discomfort for me because I view screens for extended periods.  I tested both the Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270, which prevents fatigue in my arms and hands.  Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270 minimise discomfort to my head and eye movements.  I benefited because I experienced reduced physical complaints and migraines.  Never just take my word for it Dr Mark Wade a posture expert explains.   The forward head posture creates tension on the three curves in the spine.  It impacts on the brain stem and causes headaches. What is the problem? There are inconsistencies in FlexTop 270’s weight description.   It states on the Bakker Elkhuizen website the weight is 490 grammes but in the leaflet is 380 grammes.  Even on the packaging, it is different which is 450 grammes. Don’t be so picky! Let us focus on the benefits rather than pointing out imperfections. The document holder encourages the user to place papers on it and in front of the screen.  The user needs to use an external keyboard to input data.  External keyboards increase the likelihood of a healthy head and eye movement. In addition to this is the data input speed.  Evidence comes from a study by Berkhout, Hendriksson-Larsen and Bongers (2004).  They state the continuous neck and head movements during constant visual display work. Where do I get the Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270? Inside the Ergo-Q 330, I noticed a diagram of ergonomic guidance for users.  That is right practice on behalf of Bakker Elkhuizen, which is an authority on ergonomics.    They are useful for data inputters because of the integrated document holders.  However, if you want a stand without a document holder, Kensington’s Easy Riser is useful.  People browsing the internet and playing games tend to look for it.   Now you appreciate the ergonomic benefits of these stands where could you find them? Osmond Ergonomics is an excellent place to look for the stands.   Click on the link for both Ergo-Q 330 and FlexTop 270. References Mark Wade. 2015. Chronic Migraines: Headaches are caused by your posture. [ONLINE] Available at: http://americanpostureinstitute.com/chronic-migraines-your-headaches-are-being-caused-by-your-posture/. [Accessed 1 July 2017]. Cornell University. 2015. Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer Workstation – 10 steps for users. [ONLINE] Available at http://www.ergo.human.cornell.edu/ergoguide.html. [Accessed 1 July 2017]. Berkhout, A.L., Hendriksson-Larsen, K., Bongers, P., A.L., 2004. The effect of using a laptop station compared to using a standard laptop PC on the cervical spine torque, perceived strain and productivity. Applied Ergonomics, [Online]. Volume 35, Issue 2, Pages 147-152. Available at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0003687004000092 [Accessed 1 July 2017]. Bakker Elkhuizen. 2017. Lightweight and always at your fingertips. [ONLINE] Available at https://www.bakkerelkhuizen.co.uk/notebook-stands/FlexTop270/. [Accessed 7 July 2017]. Bakker Elkhuizen. 2017. Great work comfort, anywhere!. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.bakkerelkhuizen.co.uk/notebook-stands/ergo-q-330/. [Accessed 7 July 2017].

Want to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome? read this ergonoimc mouse review

Date 24/05/2019 Reviewer Jason Pierre @ Mistermiddleman Product Review Evoluent Mouse Company / Manufacturer Bakker Elkhuizen Key Features  / Product Specification Right-handed mouse, battery operated, 230g weight, USB, wireless, instruction manual, compatible with Mac and Windows Desktop. Retail Price £81 Retail Channel Online and in selected stores How do I open that box? The Evoluent Mouse is packaged with a user manual detailing instructions for installation, and other details are also identified from the box. The manual provides tips about grip and posture, which is suitable for customers who suffer from symptoms. I hold the mouse and tilt easily from one side to another. My hands and arms are in a handshake position, I needed to use a mouse cushion to support my wrist (please note the mouse cushion is not included with the mouse). The Evoluent mouse is battery operated and has a USB plug. What do  the lights mean? AA Duracell battery is included with the mouse, once inserted there is a switch at the base. I slide it to the right where a green space to the left indicates the mouse has turned on and the Evoluent logo illuminates in green. Once installed, I press the left button, and a menu appears on the computer screen. There are also 3 buttons on the right, and when the top button is pressed, the list appears, and the scroller moves the page. A switch between the large dial and the left buttons adjusts the speed. Which is better the Evoluent mouse or DXT vertical mouse? The Evoluent mouse is useful for precision tasks, especially if you are a gamer or designer and require multifunctional use. The mouse itself supports my fingers rather than the top of my hand. It works smoothly and has a good fit. For gamers, it has a light touch; however, players sometimes like to press hard on buttons, and that could be a problem. If I am using a keyboard, it is too difficult to knock it over compared to the taller DXT vertical mouse, because Evoluent has a stable base. The finish is plastic, shiny and could potentially wear. It would be nice if it has the same durable finish as the DXT vertical mouse. Overall, I recommend the Evoluent mouse if I am a gamer and need precise tasks such as designing.

Is it me? or does this Kinesis Freestyle 2 review highlight inclusive design issues with Kinesis Freestyle 2?

Date 24/05/2019 Reviewer Jason Pierre @ Mistermiddleman Product Review Kinesis Freestyle 2 Ergonomic Keyboard Company / Manufacturer Kinesis Key Features  / Product Specification Split adjustable keyboard, USB, instructions manual, wireless Retail Price $99 (U.S.A. on the Kinesis website) Retail Channel Online and in selected stores   My latest Kinesis Freestyle 2 review has highlighted inclusive design benefits and errors. Kinesis Freestyle 2 is a split adjustable keyboard used ergonomically. It has a USB wire and a manual, which gives you information about the special keys.  The characters on the keys are readable and in a brightly lit room they are easy to read and illuminated when in a dark area.  When I press both the fn key and caps lock keys, a light shows on the top right corner and when I press the fn key and num lock key, this does not work.   When I press certain keys I notice there is an error.  If I press the shift and @ keys I look at the screen I see speech marks.  If I press shift and speech marks keys I see the @ symbol on the screen. I try to press the print screen key, I open a new document on the screen however, I never figured how to work this.  I have the same problem when I try to get the calculator.  I press the F11 key to get the calculator but nothing happens. I see on the left hand side the browser keys and a Windows icon key.  These keys make sit easier for me to search the internet as an alternative to a mouse.  It is good to have a keyboard of convenience and reduce hand movements.    Overall, Kinesis Freestyle 2 is good for people with repetitive strain injuries, when they perform precise tasks during the daytime.  I hope found the Kinesis Freestyle 2 review useful.  

Can this flux app review work for you?

  Date 09/01/2019 Reviewer Jason Pierre @ Mistermiddleman Product Review Flux App Company / Manufacturer Flux Key Features  / Product Specification Ergonomic app for the device screens Retail Price Free Retail Channel https://justgetflux.com  

DXT Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Review

Date 19/11/2019 Reviewer Jason Pierre @ Mistermiddleman Product Review DXT Vertical Ergonomic Mouse  Company / Manufacturer City Ergonomics Key Features  / Product Specification Adjustable buttons, USB wire, instructions manual Retail Price £69.95 on  Osmond Ergonomics website  Retail Channel Online and in selected stores It Is a good idea to get a ergonomic mouse mat for this vertical mouse Hello, my name is Jason this is my ergonomic mouse review of DXT right click version and vertical mouse.  A leaflet came in a box.  This manual is very good because it shows you how to hold the DXT ergonomic mouse so I use my right hand to hold this mouse reform is in the centre of the curve ridge.  Thumb sits comfortably on the curved ridge for this ergonomic mice review       See here Base of the DXT vertical mouse for this review The setting adjusts the mouse speed so we can change the amount speed and instructions.  My arm is straight and rests I would say it'll support my wrist but I do need a new mouse mat with soft foam at the end.    The cursor shows itself on the screen The cursor on the screen for this ergonomic mouse review It has a USB plug-in so no need for software it works straight away.   I recommend a very good mouse mat with this if you buy it.  

How useful is this Kensington Easy Riser review?

Date 07/11/2016 Reviewer Jason Pierre @ Mistermiddleman Product Review Kensington’s Easy Riser laptop stand Company / Manufacturer Kensington Key Features  / Product Specification Smart Fit Easy Riser,  Scissor like mechanism  Retail Price £11.46 (U.K. on the Amazon website) Retail Channel Online and in selected stores


Is A Laptop Stand Useful To You?

Why a laptop stand Is a laptop stand useful to you? Two people approached me to ask about my laptop stand. I used my laptop stand for eight years, in the industrial age or your personal economic circumstances you want to save money as well as use robust, sturdy item that is why I did a survey with two respondents to find out exactly what value they see in laptop stands and alternative ergonomic products. But is a laptop stand worth £98.98 to you? [su_heading]Let's find out[/su_heading] Two people, respondents 1 and 2, viewed the Osmond Ergonomics website. There we found the Ergo-22 laptop stand model. I filled in an electronic survey on their behalf. This question provoked interesting responses; When you think about a laptop stand, do you feel it is something you need or does not need? • Respondent 1 selected 'probably not'. • The survey encouraged him to give a reason, 'A padded tray with the laptop stand would be ideal for me when I sit down watching television... pull out a mouse tray … have USB charger slots... logical thing to have all together'. • Respondent 2 selected 'probably need'; • Because he 'had neck pain, headaches, and repetitive strain injury'. Respondent 1 prefers a convenient tray, which contrasts to respondent 2's answer. Another interesting question was about the likability of the product and website. In your words, what are the things that you like most about Osmond Ergonomics? • Respondent 1 uttered 'stylish' but • Respondent 2 elaborated his answer. 'I think it (the laptop stand) presents the screen at a magnificent eye level.' The next question followed it. In your words, what are the things that you would most like Osmond Ergonomics to improve? • Respondent 1 was price sensitive and was reluctant to buy the product unless the price decreased, 'bring the price down...half a price, people buy it quicker'. • Respondent 2 commented on the design of the product, 'stability, the angle the keyboard is presented at, the robustness of the product'. He also said the price £98.98 was too high to pay for it. [su_heading]People want laptop stands cheap![/su_heading] The price was a factor in both respondents' decision-making process. If the product was cheap, they could reconsider it. Respondent 1's alternative product was the tray that folds. His preference was the G4RCE adjustable, portable laptop lap desk. It had a foldable table, a bed Tray with USB cooling fans.  It cost £8.90, and the cushioned laptop tray cost £7.95. Baker Elkhuizen's Ergo-330 notebook stand cost £65, and, Kensington's (another ergonomic retailer) Smart Fit laptop stand priced at £10.98, which was suitable for people that suffered repetitive strain injuries. Correct use of these notebook stands prevents injuries. I could slot my internal laptop keyboard between two upright holders, and, place my document on the front holder. Therefore, I touch type on the external keyboard. The main benefit was it kept the screen at eye level. I could sit in an upward posture to prevent a repetitive strain injury. (picture). conclusion Both respondent 1 and 2 prefer the products' prices to be lowered to increase their likelihood of purchasing them. As a result, I found the folded tray £8.90 and cushioned tray £7.95 both on Amazon for respondent 1. Also, I found a Kensington laptop stand £10.98 on Amazon that has the features that meet respondent 2’s lifestyle needs. [su_heading]Let me know what you think [/su_heading] [su_button url=""]Tell me what you think about the laptop stand improves productivity, please[/su_button] Just call 03453450898 for assistance or buy at www.ergonomics.co.uk

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