Is A Laptop Stand Useful To You?

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Why a laptop stand

Is a laptop stand useful to you? Two people approached me to ask about my laptop stand. I used my laptop stand for eight years, in the industrial age or your personal economic circumstances you want to save money as well as use robust, sturdy item that is why I did a survey with two respondents to find out exactly what value they see in laptop stands and alternative ergonomic products. But is a laptop stand worth £98.98 to you?

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Two people, respondents 1 and 2, viewed the Osmond Ergonomics website. There we found the Ergo-22 laptop stand model. I filled in an electronic survey on their behalf. This question provoked interesting responses;

When you think about a laptop stand, do you feel it is something you need or does not need?

• Respondent 1 selected ‘probably not’.
• The survey encouraged him to give a reason, ‘A padded tray with the laptop stand would be ideal for me when I sit down watching television… pull out a mouse tray … have USB charger slots… logical thing to have all together’.

• Respondent 2 selected ‘probably need’;
• Because he ‘had neck pain, headaches, and repetitive strain injury’.

Respondent 1 prefers a convenient tray, which contrasts to respondent 2’s answer.

Another interesting question was about the likability of the product and website.

In your words, what are the things that you like most about Osmond Ergonomics?

• Respondent 1 uttered ‘stylish’ but
• Respondent 2 elaborated his answer. ‘I think it (the laptop stand) presents the screen at a magnificent eye level.’
The next question followed it.

In your words, what are the things that you would most like Osmond Ergonomics to improve?

• Respondent 1 was price sensitive and was reluctant to buy the product unless the price decreased, ‘bring the price down…half a price, people buy it quicker’.

• Respondent 2 commented on the design of the product, ‘stability, the angle the keyboard is presented at, the robustness of the product’. He also said the price £98.98 was too high to pay for it.

[su_heading]People want laptop stands cheap![/su_heading]

The price was a factor in both respondents’ decision-making process. If the product was cheap, they could reconsider it. Respondent 1’s alternative product was the tray that folds. His preference was the G4RCE adjustable, portable laptop lap desk. It had a foldable table, a bed Tray with USB cooling fans.  It cost £8.90, and the cushioned laptop tray cost £7.95.

Baker Elkhuizen’s Ergo-330 notebook stand cost £65, and, Kensington’s (another ergonomic retailer) Smart Fit laptop stand priced at £10.98, which was suitable for people that suffered repetitive strain injuries.
Correct use of these notebook stands prevents injuries. I could slot my internal laptop keyboard between two upright holders, and, place my document on the front holder. Therefore, I touch type on the external keyboard.

The main benefit was it kept the screen at eye level. I could sit in an upward posture to prevent a repetitive strain injury. (picture).
Both respondent 1 and 2 prefer the products’ prices to be lowered to increase their likelihood of purchasing them. As a result, I found the folded tray £8.90 and cushioned tray £7.95 both on Amazon for respondent 1. Also, I found a Kensington laptop stand £10.98 on Amazon that has the features that meet respondent 2’s lifestyle needs.

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    If you work while traveling, or if you commute between multiple workspaces and want a stand to use both at home and at your destination, we recommend the Roost laptop stand. Like the iLevel 2, the Roost is rock solid and adjustable. Plus, it’s quick and easy to set up and break down—this model folds down to roughly the size of two large Snickers bars end to end, and you can easily throw it in a bag to take it wherever you’re headed for the day.


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