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I have my classic Kensington Easy Riser review.  You could view the video too.  My latest reviews are Kinesis Freestyle 2 and Evoluent mouse.  I also have DXT ergonomic mouse review my other post.  I know this one is popular which is the Flux App review.  The Kensington Easy Riser review video has a comment too.

laptop stand


Thumb sits comfortably on the curved ridge

flux app review

flux app review image

The Evoluent Mouse comes in a package, AA battery, The description of the mouse in top of the package.

Evoluent mouse, Ergonomic mouse review

Shows the manual that is the how to use the Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard guide.

Ergonomic Keyboard review, Kinesis Freestyle 2 ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic design. review

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